Top Shelf

  • Luvbrite | Premium Shake | 1/2 OZ (14grams)

    • 1/2 oz of Premium Shake, created from Top Shelf flower shake and small nugs.
  • Enjoyable | OG Flower | 3.5g

    • Enjoyable OG offers a strong scents of sweet earth and the woods with potent Indica effects. Enjoyable OG's supreme relaxing and euphoric traits make it the perfect hit before bedtime.
  • Enjoyable | XJ-13 Flower | 3.5g

    • Enjoyable XJ-13 is a sativa strain cherished for both its therapeutic potency and enjoyable euphoric buzz. The cross of Jack herer and G13 Haze induces unencumbered cerebral effects perfect for stimulating creativity and conversation. XJ-13 consistently exhibits a strong citrus aroma accented by notes of earthy pine. Novice consumers looking for an easy, paranoia-free experience can depend on XJ-13 as a surefire way to relieve stress and mood-related symptoms.
  • Enjoyable | Blueberry Kush Flower | 3.5g

    • Enjoyable Blueberry Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain that slowly brings on a heavy body sensation, helping patients forget their pain and relax. Our Enjoyable Blueberry Kush has a very berry aroma with hints of earthy herbalness.
  • 1964 Supply Co. | Silver Haze | 3.5g

    • 1964 Supply Co. invited artist Coté Escrivá to indulge in their Super Silver Haze cultivar. Enamored, he remarked, "Super Silver Haze has an energetic body high and is a very social strain. Whether you are out for a solo rip or hanging with your buds, you're never alone. Who's your buddy? Super Silver Haze, that's who." This delightfully uplifting cultivar sports notes of lemon under woven by hints of diesel and pine to bestow a happy-go-lucky euphoria upon users. 1964 Supply Co.'s Super Silver Haze's euphoria uplifts and energizes, making this the go-to daytime delight every cannasseur deserves. Each package contains either 1 gram or 3.5 grams of Super Silver Haze, presealed for optimal freshness. Sativa dominant.
  • 24k Gold | Indica | 3.5g

    • Also known as Kosher Tangie, 24k Gold is a 60% indica-dominant hybrid that combines the legendary LA strain Kosher Kush with champion sativa Tangie to create something quite unique. Growing tall in its vegetative cycle and very stretchy in flower, this one will need an experienced hand when grown indoors. Most phenotypes will exhibit a sweet orange aroma from the Tangie along with the dark coloration of the Kosher Kush, and will offer a strong citrus flavor when smoked or vaped. THC levels range from 18% to 24%; definitely not for novice users!
  • Blue Sherbert | Hybrid | 3.5g

    • Blue Sherbert (also spelled "Blue Sherbet") is a cross of Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbert developed by an unknown breeder. Appearing in California's Bay Area and sweeping out of San Francisco dispensaries, it tends to produce a powerful punch with soaring cerebral effects and powerful physical relaxation.

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