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Henry's Original | Sherbet

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An Indica-dominant hybrid, Sherbet is the offspring of Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies. Heavier than regular Cookies, this sweet, aromatic strain is known for a heavy, relaxing high that's calming but not sedating. Along with its initial, euphoric uplift, Sherbet is known for its 'creeper' high, a kind of delayed effect where the effects slowly begin to take hold over 10 or 15 minutes. It will leave you feeling super chill and mellow, maybe a little hungry--but you won't be knocked out, like with some full Indicas. Ideal for evenings, Sherbet can unlock creativity, or just compliment an evening of art appreciation. You might prefer to play a video game, watch some TV--whatever you do to relax, Sherbet is there to help! A quiet evening with friends? Perfect! A trek across the Himalayas? Maybe not. This strain is bright enough to keep your eyes open, but too heavy for active, daytime use. Still, it's a tasty, flavorful and fragrant flower for when you just want to kick back, take it easy...and get lifted!

24.12% THC 0.09% CBD

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