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Kikoko | Tranquili-Tea

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Tranquili-Tea is a discreet and healthy alternative to marijuana edibles. Relax, sleep, and conquer insomnia. WHAT?S IN TRANQUILI-TEA? We put only the very best in our teas. Everything is top-shelf and organically grown. ORGANICALLY SUN-GROWN ? NO TOXINS/CHEMICALS ? QUADRUPLE LAB-TESTED ? CO2 EXTRACT ? INGREDIENTS PEPPERMINT alleviates pain CHAMOMILE promotes sleep VALERIAN ROOT treats insomnia LEMON MYRTLE antibacterial / antifungal LICORICE ROOT balances adrenals ROSEMARY mood enhancer LEMONGRASS digestive / respiratory aid LAVENDER relaxant / soothes joint pain CORNFLOWER PETALS eases anxiety + ORGANICALLY GROWN KIKOGOLD? CANNABIS ACTIVE KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN WE LOVE TRANQUILI-TEA FOR? Tranquili-Tea is great for anyone with sleep issues. Sleep-supporting herbs and CBN mixed with low amounts of THC create a healthy nightly ritual in place of sleeping pills.

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