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Lowell Herb Co. | Live Rosin | Garlic Cookies

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Crafting our award-winning Ice Water Hash and artisanal rosin all begins with the soil and sun of northern Californias prestigious Emerald Triangle. The regions rich agricultural conditions allowed legacy markets to exist, evolving into the freedoms granted today.

We use gentle agitation in ice and water to separate (sieve) trichomes from plant material, before straining the trichomes from the water. Using a series of mesh screens measured by microns, it allows us to separate and isolate trichomes by size. It is a fairly simple process of mechanical separation, adding a modern influence to the time honored traditions of hashish refinement.

Garlic Cookies is a deliciously pungent indica strain that will excite your sense of smell with its distinct aroma of garlic. Garlic Cookies has a powerful taste that starts with strong garlic flavors that fade into notes of diesel. Its terpene profile is heavily composed of Humulene and Caryophyllene, both of which contribute to the strain?s uniquely spicy and peppery taste.

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