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Marley Natural | Pre-Roll Pack |Cali Thai

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Cali Thai is the product of California Kush and Chocolate Thai, created by three growers in the Green Triangle of northern California. The buds are tri-chrome-rich and somewhat triangular-shaped, and smells reminiscent of a forest of pine trees after a skunk had strolled through. Cali Thai is almost completely exclusive to dispensaries in northern California and is a favorite among patients who suffer from depression due to it's amazing ability to produce an incredibly uplifting, energetic and positive high. This bud tastes undeniably piney, earthy, and sour with those who vaporize often noticing a pleasant skunk flavor. This is a strain the is perfect for those who need to medicate but still want to be able to function. Imagination and creativity are stimulated by the effects of this pleasant but not overly potent strain of cannabis.

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