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Nasha Hash | 1g Blue Temple Ball | Guava Gift

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LINEAGE: Guava X The Gift

TASTE: Fresh Guava, Lemon Rind, Tamarind

FEELING: Social, Inspiring, Clear Headed

FARM: Alpenglow

PLACE GROWN: Benbow, Humboldt, CA

CULTIVATION STYLE: Outdoor, Sungrown, DEM Pure

Cultivated by Alpenglow farms, a certified Dem Pure regenerative farm. Craig and Melanie own and operate Alpenglow Farms, home to fully certified, compliant, organic, and fish-friendly cannabis (and food) cultivation. Alpenglow is equally dedicated to creating high-quality, craft cannabis as it is to enrich the land, water, and air.

Blue: Very oily and sticky. Melts into a puddle of oil when heated. Can be dabbed, but it will leave some char. Made from whole plants usually.

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