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Veil | 8 fl. Oz | High Minded Odor Elimination

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About Veil !!!

Get Rid of The Lingering Stench Of Smoke Instantly - The Veil OG odor eliminator spray is specially formulated for quick smoke smell removal, filling the space with a natural sweet scent instead.

Encases and Neutralizes Odors On a Molecular Level - Our smoke odor eliminator utilizes chemical reactions to neutralize smell - not just cover it up - so that you can smell fresh after your sesh'.

Made in the USA Using Natural Ingredients - We've worked with chemists with over 30 years of experience to produce a non-toxic, effective, and eco-friendly smoke odor eliminator spray that?s refreshing and pleasant.

Infused with Pure Essential Oils for a Clean, Citrusy Scent ? Hide smoke smell and enjoy the fragrance of an essential oil blend that includes sweet orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia Cedar.

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