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Willie's Reserve | High Five Pack | Cookies Glue

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Our High Five Pack contains five whole-flower, no-trim, half-gram joints. The only thing better than a beautifully rolled joint is having enough to go around. So whether it's a festival weekend or a night with the band, you?re prepared.

Cookies Glue, grown by Beija Flor Farms in Mendocino County, is a balanced Indica-leaning hybrid cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4. Unique to this farmer, this subtly strong flower has a spicy, piney aroma with classic skunk undertones and earthy, nutty smoking notes. Cookies Glue is said to offer a relaxing body effect with a balanced euphoric sensation that is great for long dinner with friends and red wine. It also is a great strain to smoke in the evening ? especially if a hot tub is in your vicinity!

Contains 5 half gram pre-rolls

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