• Monk 20mg CBD - Ginger Maple Shrub

    • No. 034 has a smooth, sultry mouthfeel where lightly toasted rolled oats and maple combine with the bright acidity from crisp apples, fresh ginger and fresh-pressed lemon juice. This drinking botanical is a revival of a quintessentially American beverage called the switchel. Apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon and something sweet would be added to the well water, which would help replenish electrolytes, prevent an upset stomach, and provide an energy boost. This drinking botanical is refreshing, easy-drinking, great for nausea relief and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Ingredients: Ginger, Lemon, Maple, Apple Cider Vinegar, Rolled Oats, Cannabidiol (CBD extract)
  • Monk 20mg CBD - Rosemary Orange Peel Lemon

    • No. 052 is an unforgettable cooler with aromatic rosemary and fresh orange, anchored by earthy hemp, orange peel, and finished with a touch of honey. ROSEMARY: Rosemary has long been considered the great reviver. This woody herb of the evergreen family sharpens memory and concentration by transporting more oxygen to the brain. Originating in the Mediterranean, rosemary is a source of powerful antioxidants like carnosol and rosmarinic acid, which help to improve digestion, increase circulation, and stimulate the immune system ? generally cleansing the body. ORANGE PEEL: Orange peels are the healthiest part of the orange. They are rich in flavonoids, like hesperidin and polymethoxyflavones (PMFs), and other phytochemicals. The flavonoids in orange peel have the potential to inhibit the RLIP76 protein which is linked to cancer and obesity, while the polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) have been shown to lower cholesterol more effectively than prescription drugs. Orange peel also contains considerable amounts of calcium, copper, magnesium, vitamin A, folate and other B vitamins and dietary fiber. Ingredients: Orange, Lemon, Honey, Rosemary, Orange Peel, Cannabidiol (CBD extract)
  • Cannabis Quencher - Wildberry Guava 100mg

    • This healthy thirst-quencher is sweetened with stevia and natural fruit juice so it?s great for a low-glycemic diet. Vegan, Gluten-Free, No Sugar Added.

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