• Nativ Pre-Rolls

    Price: $20.00

    Nativ Pre-Rolls

    • Representing generations of hand rolling tradition, every Nativ Preroll carries the personal touch and attention to detail that makes it a world-class cannabis product. Utilizing ice-water extraction, we take the necessary time to clean every gram of select micron hash and blend it with cannabis buds from our farm, resulting in a blend of purity and craftsmanship. Our signature filter, which was inspired by the Russian Papirosa is designed to account for hash?s higher burning temperatures allowing distance to cool each hit. Every Nativ Preroll is carefully inspected by our Quality Control Team to ensure the slow, even burn our patients have grown to love. *40% Ice-water hash, 60% Nativ Grown Cannabis.
  • Power Puff Roll (Single House Roll)

    • Flower, Kief and everything nice, these were the ingredients to create the perfect medicinal little rolls? These pre-rolls contain a bit of shake from a variety of strains offered on our menu. A quick and affordable method of medicating. Grab yours quick!
  • G Stick - Black Label

    • G Sticks are made with 1 gram of 100% flower, hand manufactured with a proprietary blend of 7 different strains, infused with kief instead of Hash with allows for a more even smoke and finished with a special coat of Liquid Gold Co2 Extracted Cannabis Oil
  • 2020 Knockout Pre Roll

    • 2020 Knockout Preroll, The name says it all. OG Kush TOP SHELF flowers mixed with Cake Batter.

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