• Glass Pipes (3")


    Glass Pipes (3")

    • Classic 3" glass pipes. Affordable, convenient, and reliable.
  • Twisted Hemp Wraps - California Dream (4 Pack)

    • Twisted Hemp Wraps are made using pure hemp. They contain no nicotine or tobacco. These characteristics make them a slow and smooth smoke. Each pack contains 4 full width wraps.
  • Cheech & Chong Lighter


    Cheech & Chong Lighter

    • Assorted Cheech and Chong lighters.
  • Max Battery | 380mAh


    Max Battery | 380mAh

    • DESCRIPTION Features: 1.Battery capacity:380mAh 2.Voltage adjustable:2.7V-3.1V-3.6V 3.Charge:Bottom USB charging port 4.Wattage:7-10W, special for tank 5.Button LED light indication:2.7V(red),3.1V(green),3.6V(white),Preheat(Mixed) 6.Protection:Short circuit/Overcharge/Overtime 7.Color:Black/Silver/Gun 8.Preheating time:15s (1).5 clicks on/off (2).3 clicks to adjust voltage (3).2 clicks to preheat
  • Standard Metal Grinder


    Standard Metal Grinder

    • Our standard 4-piece metal grinder is a match of affordability and utility. It includes a magnetic diamond-teeth grinder plate with catcher and filter screen.
  • STIIIZY | Starter Kit | Battery

    • STIIIZY's Starter Kit consists of a 210mAh rechargable battery that is discreet in design that fits perfectly in your pocket or handbag. Medicating on the go has never been easier!
  • Dab Torch - Scorch Torch


    Dab Torch - Scorch Torch

    • A multipurpose butane torch perfect for dabbing.
  • Elements Rice Rolling Paper - King Ultra Thin

    • Elements rolling papers are made with pure rice paper. No chemicals, no pulp, and no hemp. A thin line of Acacia gum is added to the rolling paper. The rolling papers burn completely clean except for a tiny line of residue from the Acacia gum carmelizing. If you're looking for a very clean and very slow burning rolling paper, then look no further. Elements is it.
  • King Palm Slim Rolls (3pk)

    • Perfect for when you want to roll something up but have no skills or aren't in the mood, the King Palms Natural Leave Pre Roll wraps take all the work out of all-natural smoke session. Pre fashioned into easy fill tubes, these wraps are 105mm tall(appx. 4.5 inches). They burn extra slow and contain no added chemicals or tobacco! What's left is a smooth burning, full flavored smokable packed with your favorite herbs. Get yours today and try this natural alternative smoking wrap!
  • Twisted Hemp Wraps - Mango/Pineapple (4 Pack)

    • Mango and pineapple flavored wraps. Perfect for when you want to add some sweetness to your smoke. These mango/pineapple wraps are bursting with flavor and will leave your sweet tooth satisfied.
  • RAW Connoisseur Organic Hemp Paper With Filter/Tips

    • RAW Organic is made from organically grown, chlorine free, pure hemp and is processed in an eco-friendly manner. The result is a very thin light tan paper that burns extra slow and extra clean. It uses the same proprietary crisscross run-preventing watermark as RAW Classic but the color is much lighter and varies depending on the shade of the hemp used in production.The taste of RAW Organic is unlike anything you have experienced. It is a clean tasting smoke that is best described as natural, light and pure. Finally, we can all smoke an ORGANIC rolling paper made from pure hemp!

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