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Marley Natural | Sour G

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Sun grown in the Humboldt mountains, Sour G is a cross between two of the most recognizable strains in the game - Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Although technically a hybrid strain, we owe it to our consumers to tip the scales in favor of Sativa. This particular batch exudes its Sour Diesel roots reeking of that pungent, funky fuel we all know and love. Despite its mild kushy undertones and that famous OG chunk, this batch offers its users an energetic head high with an unusually strong sense of mental clarity. Sour G is perfect for active, day-time use for anyone seeking a balance between focus and relaxation. Users will not find themselves couch-locked after ripping this Sour G and should probably avoid this strain before bedtime - or prepare for some wild, vivid dreams. To each their own!

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