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Marley Studio | Lemon Fuel 3.5g

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Lemon Fuel OG is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid born from a cross between Super Lemon Haze and Kryptonite. It's aroma is immediately recognizable as sour citrus, spicy, and gassy - true to it's namesake. With dense, bright green, frosty, grape-shaped buds, Lemon Fuel OG is as much a delight on the eyes as it is the palate, mind, and body. With long-lasting physical and cerebral effects, this potent strain is perfect for daytime use in smaller doses that will leave its users immediately buzzed and then elevated for hours on end. We must warn when consumed in larger doses, Lemon Fuel OG's Indica/Kryptonite roots may creep up and take hold! We recommend dipping your toes in the water before you dive in as high-dose consumers report a heavy body with an out-of-focus mind. But hey, if that's your jam, then jam on! Right place right time, right?

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