New Arrivals

  • The Chipster

    Price: $15.00

    The Chipster

    • Sharply dressed with chocolate chips & chewy cranberries, The Chipster is accessorized with just a touch of a sea salt. This delicious smile enhancer is 100% vegan, and loves to brag about it. Ingredients:Flour, Brown Sugar, Dried Cranberries, Dark Chocolate Chips, Coconut Oil, Almond Milk, Vanilla Extract, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Salt and Cannabis Oil.
  • Korova Saturday Morning Cookie

    • The Saturday Morning Cookie is a fruit rice cereal cookie with mini marshmallows that packs 150mg of active THC. Some would say that it conjures up memories of eating cereal and watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.
  • Qrazy Train

    Price: $50.00

    Qrazy Train

    • Qrazy Train is a TGA Genetics creation whose crazy name refers to the complex genetics in this Trainwreck, Trinity, Purple Urkle and Space Queen mix. Its diversity comes out in the strain?s unique flavor that includes spice and fruit notes. These flowers usually have deep amber-toned hairs and some purple coloration. A true hybrid, this train will have you feeling mellow and alert.
  • Moon Bars

    Price: $12.00

    Moon Bars

    • Looking for a small edible that packs a big punch? Our Moon Bars are here to launch you into space, and with 250mg of THC in every bar you will feel like you?re on the moon in no time. These bars are out of this world and with the handy dosage tracker graphic on the backside of each package you can ensure you get the dosage that?s right for you every time. Each 22 gram bar contains 250mg THC, allowing for approximately 10, 25mg THC doses. Moon Bars are good for relaxation, body pain, and insomnia. Prepare for lift off!
  • Cheese

    Price: $45.00


    • Named for its sharply sour aroma, Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid from the U.K. that has achieved widespread popularity for its unique flavor and consistent potency. With origins that stretch back to the late 1980s, Cheese is said to descend from a Skunk #1 phenotype whose pungent aroma made it stand out. Breeders like Big Buddha Seeds later introduced Afghani indica genetics to increase Cheese's trichome production and yields. The resulting hybrid is now well-known for its relaxed, happy effects that gently ease you into a blissful state of mind.
  • Sativa - Varavo Disposable 250mg

    • Varavo cannabis oil is processed using a proprietary blend of cannabis flowers sourced in-house. Using the latest CO2 extraction technology they guarantee an end-product that meets a higher standard to ensure a consistent enjoyable vape experience every single time. They don't add any additives including glycols or glycerin's, they simply fill each cartridge with the finest cannabis oil. Each batch of cannabis oil is tested by a certified independent 3rd party lab. They go a step further by pulling random samples during productions to test in-house to ensure safety, consistency and quality.
  • Flavor Crumble

    Price: $20.00

    Flavor Crumble

    • Delicious crumble extracted and hand-selected for best flavor, nose and color. No additives. No residual solvents and tested by SC Land for zero PPM.
  • Dixie Elixers (100mg)

    • Fruit Punch-Orange, cherry, and a hint of pineapple create a punch loaded with flavor and the power punch of high grade THC. Sweet and Tangy. Fruity and juicy. Dixie's Fruit Punch is a tantalizing tongue twister indeed.

      Berry Lemonade-Lemonade reminds us of some of the best things in life. Like baseball games, open-air markets and our grandma's house. But this lemonade brings an unexpected addition to the table? flavorful wild berries? and marijuana of course.

      Cherry Limeade-Deliciously juicy cherries and terrifically tart lime join with pure clean-extracted THC for a dance party in your mouth. Get refreshed, relaxed and ready for fun.

      [+]Elixirs come with a child-resistant dosing cap featuring a line at 15 ml allowing patients to find their perfect dose.

      [+]Elixirs are made with pure cane sugar and have no artificial coloring or flavors.

      [+]Homogenization technology increases bio-availability, and reduces uptake time.

      [+]First of its kind and exclusive to Dixie, the child resistant bottle is designed to hold carbonation.

      INGREDIENTS: Water, Pure Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Natural Red Color, Citric Acid, Gum Arabic, Guar Gum, Citrus Extract, THC Oil, Potassium Sorbate [preservative], Quillaja Extract [emulsifier].
  • Altai BonBon - Sea Salt Caramel (Indica)

    • Velvety, rich caramel blended with Mediterranean sea salt and a hint of caramel flavored milk chocolate, encased in a dark chocolate shell.
  • Altai BonBon - Dulce De Leche (Sativa)

    • A perfectly balanced confection with an utterly indulgent filling. Our Dulce De Leche filling begins with condensed milk, caramelized slowly over four hours, then blended with oven-roasted white chocolate. This rich mixture is fused with cream, sugar and Tahitian vanilla and cast in a silky dark chocolate shell.
  • Evolved Alchemy - 23 Hemp (CBD) Capsules

    • This hemp extract is made from a Hemp hybrid developed by Botana. Our specialized spagyric extraction is done under vacuum with organic grape alcohol leaving most of the naturally occurring cannabinoids in their raw acid form. This is the form most prevalent if the plant were to be juiced. When spagyrically extracted, the potassium rich salts added from the mineral extraction form ions with the cannabinoids increasing absorption and bio-availability for a fast acting, effective supplement. This makes spagyric processing the most advanced and sustainable way to extract cannabis and all its medicinal chemicals. This increases the plants potency by making the cannabinoids and minerals more bioavailable to the body. The spagyric extract was purged of any alcohol under vacuum and then diluted in pharmaceutical grade MCT oil. This provides a non-alcoholic delivery method that is fast acting and easy to digest. Ingredients: vegetarian capsules, phamaceutical grade MCT oil and spagyric extract of biodynamic hemp
  • Evolved Alchemy - 1oz. CBD Tinctures

    • Mushroom Magik - (Hemp, Chaga, Red Reishi, Fo-Ti, Astragalus) A magik blend of immune enhancing and anti-aging herbs. This blend helps to stimulate and support the immune system.

      Canna-Oxidant - (Hemp, Acai, Acerola, Elderberry, Echinacea) Antioxidant and cannabinoid rich blend with natural forms of Vitamins A, B-6 & C to help forge and support the immune system with nourishment.

      Green Dragon - (Hemp, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Ginger, Cayenne) A delicious hemp blend great for digestion, inflammation, pain reduction and appetite stimulation. CAUTION: SPICY 

      Venus Flower - (Hemp, Blue Lotus, Cacao, Schizandra, Wood Betony) Enjoy this blend of powerful mood enhancing herbs and relax into a state of bliss. The blend works specifically with the nervous system and helps relax the mind and body. 

  • The Hippie 500mg - Venice Cookie Co.

    • The term hippie comes from being?hip? or ?in the know?. Well one thing we know, is that you will love this wholesome cookie that is packed with peanut butter, trail mix, granola and dried cherries. Its so good, you will want to go out and hug a tree. Ingredients: Flour, Oats, Sugar, Peanut Butter, Almond Milk, Canola Oil, Peanuts, Dried Cherries, Dark Chocolate, Cashews, Almonds, Baking Soda, Salt, and Cannabis Oil.
  • Green Monkey Bar - CBD Energy

    • Maintain health and wellbeing with our natural food bars. Made with Superfoods (Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Maca, Pink Himalayan sea salt, to name a few), organic ingredients and 85%+ Extracted THC oil and 26%+ pure CBD Oil.
  • Green Monkey Bar - THC Energy

    • Maintain health and wellbeing with our natural food bars. Made with Superfoods (Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Maca, Pink Himalayan sea salt, to name a few), organic ingredients and 85%+ Extracted THC oil and 26%+ pure CBD Oil.
  • Green Monkey Bar - THC Relax

    • Maintain health and wellbeing with our natural food bars. Made with Superfoods (Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Maca, Pink Himalayan sea salt, to name a few), organic ingredients and 85%+ Extracted THC oil and 26%+ pure CBD Oil.
  • Skywalker - Varavo Disposable 300mg

    • Varavo processes their cannabis oil using a proprietary blend of marijuana flowers in-house, sourced from cultivators they know an trust. With CO2 extraction technology, they guarantee their cartridges will provide an enjoyable vape experience, every time. Skywalker's robust Indica effects offer a slight sativa side, decimating pain and relaxing the body while offering a small head high. Each disposable pen contains 300mg - 0.3grams.
  • King Louis XIII

    • King Louis XIII might be most famous for making wigs on men de rigeur for the French aristocracy, but in Southern California the name will bring to mind a popular indica-dominant strain. This strain announces itself as many people did in the 1600s: by its smell. The difference is this monarch?s odor is one that?s meant to be enjoyed; its dense nugs have an overwhelmingly piney smell with an earthy musk that will have you thinking of your last forest adventure. Bred in part from OG Kush, Louis XIII has a very similar spicy kush aroma. Good for insomnia, this strain often tests at over 20% THC.
  • Blue Sherbert

    • Blue Sherbert (also spelled "Blue Sherbet") is a cross of Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbert developed by an unknown breeder. Appearing in California's Bay Area and sweeping out of San Francisco dispensaries, it tends to produce a powerful punch with soaring cerebral effects and powerful physical relaxation.
  • The Surfer 150mg - Venice Cookie Co.

    • Laid back with cookie charisma. White chocolate chips float on peanut butter and shred tasty waves of coconut to create memories you won?t forget. The Surfer is made with coconut oil, brah. Bring your sunglasses.
  • Hawaiian Haze

    Price: $55.00

    Hawaiian Haze

    • Hawaiian Haze is a mostly sativa strain that produces some high-quality sativa effects. A mix of Hawaiian and Haze genetics, these light, airy buds will have your head in the clouds. Many users also report that it makes them sociable and talkative, so it may be a good daytime medication. Hawaiian Haze?s floral smell and taste of tropical fruit might just have you daydreaming about an island vacation. These plants grow tall and flower slowly, taking between 12 and 14 weeks, so they are probably better suited for a grower with some experience and patience.
  • Larry OG - 3.5g

    • Larry OG, also called Lemon Larry, is yet another member of the famous ocean-grown family. Originally created in Orange County, this indica is a cross between OG Kush and SFV OG. Larry OG produces a potent yet easy body buzz that will allow you to relax while getting things done. The effects are happy but not overwhelming. Like other members of the OG family, this strain has a very clean and piney aroma. The nugs tend to be dense and feature distinct burnt orange hairs that are longer than average.
  • True Blue

    • True Blue, the shortened version of "True Blueberry," is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% sativa/50% indica) strain created by infamous breeder DJ Short as a cross of DJ Short Blueberry X DJ Short Blueberry. This bud is best known for its tasty aroma and flavor, which is said to smell like freshly baked blueberry pie. The taste is just as sweet, with a sugary fruity blueberry flavor that has an almost candy-like aftertaste that intensifies upon exhale. The True Blue high is a perfect reincarnation of its DJ Short Blueberry parent, with a creeping uplifted onset that is lucid and leaves you socially inspired. You?ll be filled with a delicate warming euphoria that completely erases any pain or tension in your body and numbs any racing thoughts or mental pain. Because of these mellow yet long-lasting effects and its relatively high THC level of up to 24%, True Blue is a favorite bud for treating conditions such as glaucoma or eye pressure, chronic pain, nausea, muscle spasms or tremors, and mild to moderate cases of depression. This bud has round dark olive green grape-shaped super leafy nuggs with dark purple leaves and hairs and a frosty fine layer of surprisingly purple crystal trichomes.

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